Everything that depends on cyberspace is potentially at risk. With the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices, cyber culture is growing more rapidly than cyber security.

Governments and commercial organisations across the globe are asking the questions: “How do I manage cyber threats to my digital assets; would we know if we had a security breach and if so how would we respond; does our security meet the expectations of industry regulators, shareholders and customers?”

Tech Trends 2016

The theme of this year’s report is ‘Innovating in the digital era’. In it, we discuss eight trends and examine the cyber security implications for each of them.

Winning the cyber war

This survey, conducted in association with Symantec, presents the findings from an online survey of 500 UK IT decision makers. Find out how they feel about the state of their corporate security strategy today, their data security defences their culture and priorities.

2016 planning priorities for internal audit in financial services

It will be another year of change and Internal Audit departments will need to keep abreast of technology developments, adjust to the new regulatory requirements whilst managing emerging risks and meeting ever expanding stakeholder expectations.

This paper covers what Internal Audit should do to address these changes and assesses the impact on audit approaches, methodologies and resource models.

Quarterly Newsletter of Deloitte’s Charities and Not for Profit Group

Amongst hot topics being discussed at charities is cyber security. It is important that charities have plans in place to ensure security of data; not only their own but more importantly the data they hold on their supporters. It is important that charity donors can continue to support their charity with the knowledge that their own personal data is secure.

Consumer data under attack: the growing threat of cyber crime

Our 2015 report found that 84% of consumers expect companies to be held responsible for ensuring the security of user data and personal information online.

So what can companies do to make consumers feel confident in handing over their personal data?

Cyber Risk: getting the Boardroom focus right

Organisations have never been more at risk from cyber attacks.This growing threat comes at a time when there is also increasing focus on how organisations manage risk. Regulators, investors and senior executives are putting companies under pressure to explain how they identify risks to their business and how they ensure these are being managed within an agreed risk appetite.