Cyber Vulnerability Management

Discover your weaknesses before attackers do 

Attackers are always searching for new vulnerabilities. To reduce your exposure you must discover your weaknesses before they do.

To protect your critical assets you need to assess and verify your vulnerability exposure, identify which threats are relevant to your organisation and take pragmatic action to enhance your security.

As part of Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre, our vulnerability management services benefit from real-time updates on the latest threats to provide you with the most up-to-date assessments.



Our dedicated team of vulnerability management professionals can run regular light-touch vulnerability assessments, scanning your entire organisation’s systems and processes to help identify new and existing weaknesses and map their corresponding impact to your business. We use our threat intelligence capabilities to enable prioritisation of technical weaknesses and balancing of risks tailored to your organisation. By integrating these findings with our knowledge of your wider business processes and risks, we can assist with managing your threats in a pragmatic way.

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Penetration testing is a critical component of cyber security. In addition to identifying vulnerabilities, penetration testers will go as far as hackers would do to try and gain access to or compromise your systems. With a clear picture of your vulnerabilities and their potential impacts, we can provide clear recommendations for remedial actions to strengthen your cyber defences. Our industry-leading methodology incorporates the full spectrum of technology risks faced by organisations and continues to evolve with the threats to bring new insights tailored to your specific environment and business requirements.

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With cyber threats you can hope for the best but should always be prepared for the worst, making sure you have the capabilities and skills needed to respond to an attack. Our simulation team can work with you to test your cyber crisis management procedure against realistic scenarios. We can also help refine and improve your cyber incident management strategy by running simulated attacks to identify errors, false assumptions and gaps in your plans.

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