Cyber Threat Intelligence

Building cyber resilience 

Adopting an intelligence-led approach to managing cyber risk is key to building cyber resilience. By identifying the relevant, current and emerging threats to your organisation, you can proactively identify and mitigate incoming attacks.

For many organisations, gathering and analysing the many internal and external sources to get relevant, specific and actionable information is like finding a needle in a haystack: time-consuming, resource-intensive and inefficient.

Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre has been developed to help you make more intelligent decisions. Working alongside organisations to contextualise the threat to their business, we focus their attention on the right place at the right time to spot the telltale signs of an attack before it turns into a crisis.


A fundamental defence against cyber crime is the ability to monitor the activities of systems, people and processes within your organisation and to quickly spot when something out of the ordinary happens.  Most attacks could be detected and countered in their early stages, if only someone was looking in the right place. Working as an extension of your in-house security team, we relieve them of the burden of handling day-to-day log analysis and monitoring of IT infrastructure from edge to endpoint, enabling them to focus on strategic, core business issues.

We analyse logs and events in real time to spot the tell-tale signs of an attack and provide alerts and response recommendations for your in-house security team.



Operating online in the digital world exposes organisations to global cyber threats which puts brand, reputation and operations at risk. Understanding your exposure to these threats is essential. This is a significant challenge for organisations as the threats lie beyond the enterprise perimeter and do not show up on internal security systems.

Our professionals use their expert knowledge of cyber security to assess the threats facing your organisation. Based on a detailed understanding of your business, we correlate information from a range of sources, filtering out the background noise and presenting you with actionable intelligence to mitigate risks to your business. 

We also identify and describe the threats unique to your online presence, brand and reputation.

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Cyber Analytics is a signature-less machine learning platform that uses state-of-the-art probabilistic behavioural models and advanced anomaly detection algorithms to identify threats within an organisation’s network. It offers a new solution to the cyber security industry, which is increasingly shifting focus to anomaly detection, as an alternative to, or to compliment traditional rules-based SIEMs.