Cyber Incident Response

Fast, thorough and decisive

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, increasing in volume, intensity and complexity. Eventually, an attack will get through the defences and cause an impact. When an incident occurs, the response must be fast, thorough and decisive. Mounting an effective and speedy response is critical and puts intense pressure on an organisation, at just the moment when investors, customers and regulators will be giving it their greatest attention.

Immediate action is needed to quickly establish the nature and severity of the cyber incident, identify its impact and avert subsequent attacks. The ability to take decisive action enables an organisation to take back control of the situation as a solution is identified.

Once the immediate impact is contained, there will be further questions – how did this occur? What went wrong? How do we ensure it doesn’t happen again? Whose fault was this? Forensic post-incident evidence gathering, analysis and reporting are fundamental elements of a coherent response.

We work with a number of high-profile organisations affected by incidents to help them manage their response, investigate and understand the root causes behind the incident and put remediation plans in place.

Our team is equipped to deal with the following incidents:

  • Advanced targeted attacks
  • Malicious code
  • Unauthorised access
  • Improper usage
  • Loss or theft of equipment
  • Attrition